Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As a personal challenge I printed out the Mountain Biker ding bat (from Cycling) 3 times and made a set of cards with them. The colored papers are from Lasting Impressions. The stamp is one from SU! I know, this one looks like I went crazy with the 'saturation' option in PSE, lol. The green is flourescent green posterboard with paper toweling glued down and painted. I was going for that down hill in a rush feeling.
I love this paper which looks like the hills here in California in the summer time. The oats are dry and the wind sings through them as you go past. The Japanese style clamshell stamp is from Stamp Magick.

I love having access to free ding bats for images I will probably only use this once. Life is good.

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Shar said...

These are fab! Have you thought of sending them in to Take Ten's Variations on a Theme feature?