Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inventive Recycling, one

This was the card I sent my dad this year. The blue patterned squares are all envelope liners. This sketch was designed by Kristina Werner for her A Year in Cards class at Two Peas in a Bucket. The star stamp is from Outlines Stamps.
The center image is from Scottish Borders Stamping. It goes amazingly well with the 2 envelope liners I used!

For this card I used 3 envelopes all of which had that cross hatched pattern. It made a nice quilt style background for the dragonfly stamp. The sentiment and the dragonfly are from Serendipity Stamps. The pieces really are sewn together on a sewing machine.

Summer Haven, the stamping event at StampHaven begins on Saturday the 27th. I'm hosting a challenge on Inventive Recycling. The idea is to use things you would recycle to make or embellish your card. You can join in the fun. It is free and welcoming!

Using the liners of bills is a favorite bit of recycling here. My family saves their liners for me too. (We're a big recycling family!) What will I do when we are all paying our bills online? LOL

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Daria said...

I have saved a ton of these so I'm always looking for new ways to use them. So far, I've used them to make Serendipity Sheets and then I realized those could be used in my Cuttlebug die-cutter.

Thanks for the new ideas. Love your card.